October 7, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

I have come up with a list of some helpful tools for your content marketing strategy. While there are hundreds of different tools available today, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be reminded about a few helpful resources. Here is a list of my 10 tools. Feel free to comment about your favorite content marketing tools, too.

1. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a social media platform that manages multiple social accounts. Users are able to schedule media posts and interact directly on Hootsuite. There is no need to switch between browser tabs when you have Hootsuite. Hootsuite

2. Slideshare
Slideshare is a tool that has been around awhile but it is still a great resource. It allows users to upload, share and view presentations, infographics, videos and much more. Slideshare can be embedded on social media, websites and blogs.SlideShare

3. Infogr.am
Infogram is a tool that allows users to create interactive graphics such as charts or data visualizations. The free version includes more than 30 different types of charts for users to utilize. Infogram allows users to import and publish online.Infogram

4. Powtoon
Powtoon is an animation and video creation tool. Powtoon is perfect if you want to create videos that explain a topic. Once you’ve created and exported the video, it is yours to keep. You can upload the video to YouTube or social media. PowToon

5. Quora
Quora is a question and answer website. The website is good for collecting information. Users are able to learn the types of questions audiences have about certain industries, along with finding out what is trending.Quora

6. Feedly
Feedly is an RSS website, which replaced Google Reader. Users can organize resources, read and even share content. Feedly functions on the Cloud and therefore allows users to read on whatever device they want.

feedly7. JoinMe
JoinMe is meeting service that allows for screen sharing and online conference calls. However, the free version only allows screen sharing between users.joinme

8. Hemingway Editor
The Hemingway Editor is a content editor. The tool checks content by highlighting anything that is grammatically incorrect. It also looks for passive voice and any sentences or phrases that are hard to understand.Hemingway

9. Keyword Tool
The Keyword Tool allows users to search any keywords using Google, Bing, YouTube or App Store. Users are able to select the language of their choice to generate keywords.Keyword-Tool

10. Marketing Grader
HubSpot’s Marketing Grade is a free tool that evaluates a website’s marketing effectiveness. HubSpot grade websites based on blogging, social media, SEO, lead generation and whether they are mobile-friendly. The tool also gives tips for improving their marketing strategies.



We’d love to hear your feedback on any of these tools. What are marketing tools do you utilize on a daily or weekly basis?

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