April 28, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Today you can choose from hundreds of mobile applications. Whether you want an app for entertainment, socializing, sports, health, travel, or food, you are almost guaranteed to find something to tickle your fancy. Of course there are applications for businesses to utilize. Many of the apps available are designed to make your life easier by increasing productivity and saving you on time. After all, time is money!

Here’s our three must have mobile applications for marketing professionals.

Clean, Engage and Grow on Social Media with Crowdfire!


Social media has become a wonderful marketing tool for businesses. Brands are able to spread awareness and engage with their customers using social media now. However, many platforms don’t give you detailed information about your followers. Thankfully there are apps that can help you manage your followers. This is where Crowdfire comes into action. Crowdfire (formally known as JustUnfollow) is an app that is designed for Twitter and Instagram. The app launched in 2010 and today has over 10 million users! The app continues to grow and gain attention for users. Crowdfire is intended to help you interact with your followers and gain an understanding for those users you should be connecting with. The app gives you a little more insight than Twitter or Instagram can perform.

Who are you following?
With Crowdfire you are able to view recent unfollowers and followers. You can also view inactive followers on your account. You can view your fans (these are users you don’t follow back) and nonfollowers (users that don’t follow you back). The app allows you to create a whitelist or blacklist of followers. A whitelist is where you can create a list of any followers you don’t want to unfollow. A blacklist contains followers you never want to follow. Crowdfire allows you to perform a FriendCheck of different users. (Ex. Does ABC follow Grey’s Anatomy?) You can also search users that are close to your location. Additionally, Crowdfire allows you to view featured users. Another feature you can utilize is copying followers from other accounts.

Specific Tools for you Tweeters
Crowdfire offers automation tools for Twitter. You can create direct messages that will automatically send messages to new followers on your account. You can set up tracking stats on your followers and unfollowers. These can be either emailed or tweeted to you on a regular basis.


Someone’s Watching You
One of the newest features for iOS users is the Eagle Eye tool. This tool allows you to check on the stats of your competitors and of course, your own personal stats. The tool looks at your followers, unfollowers, retweets, favorites and mentions from any specific date. All of your data is displayed in line graphs.


Let Your Posts TakeOff on IG and Twitter
Crowdfire has another awesome feature where you can schedule your posts using the TakeOff tool. The tool can be used for both Instagram and more recently, Twitter. Crowdfire will suggest the best time to post and offer trending hashtags in order to receive the most engagement. The tool even allows you to select multiple accounts to post which saves you time! Currently, the app does not allow you to select filters for your photos.


It is worth noting that Crowdfire does not include all of the same tools for Instagram as your Twitter account. On Instagram you are unable to view any inactive followers, perform keyword follows, and use the automation tools.

Is it all free?
The app and desktop versions are all free. However, they do allow you to upgrade to utilize more features on Crowdfire. Plans start from $9.99 to $199.99 per month. The free version allows you only one account to manage. You are limited with 25 followers, 100 unfollows, and 50 whitelist or blacklist. Crowdfire offers a desktop version as well as apps for iOS and Android.

Crowdfire has expanded from just an app to clean your Twitter and Instagram accounts from spammers to become a useful tool for engagement and marketing. You can quickly and easily manage your Twitter and Instagram accounts without leaving the Crowdfire platform.

Physical documents now digitalized with Evernote’s Scannable

evernote-share Scannable is a free iOS app from Evernote. The app captures paper documents and converts them digitally on your device. You can scan business cards, invoices, receipts, letters, reports, etc. The possibilities are endless. Scannable makes it easy to correct, save and share documents. And don’t worry, you don’t need an Evernote account to use this app.

As soon as you open the app, it is ready to scan documents. The camera on your smartphone can automatically capture documents or you can manually scan. You can easily adjust the document so that it fits within your viewfinder. Once you have scanned a document you can edit your photo. You have the option to crop, rotate or delete your photo. After you’ve edited your photo, it is time to select a destination to save. You can save (share) your documents in a variety of ways. You can choose to destinations such as email, send a text message, Evernote, camera roll, or save for your calendar (under the meeting tab).

One of the great things about Scannable is that you can quickly save information. This is great for professionals that are either away from their office or on the go. You never have to feel restricted with paper documents again.

The only downside I see to Scannable is that you are unable to manage the documents within the app. You must select other platforms such as iCloud or Evernote. For documents like business cards, I would rather have this information in one place. While having it in your contact list is great, it may not be ideal. I hope they add this feature in the future. You also cannot save notes or use any kind of collaboration with your documents. So if you want more from an app, this might not be for you. Scannable is a quick and easy solution to digitalize your documents.

Events gone mobile with Experient Engage

engage-searchengage-securityEngage is a free event app made by a Maritz travel company called Experient. It is designed for tradeshows, conferences and other marketing events. The platform allows you to view and maintain all your events in one location. Engage does not need Internet to function and is designed as a native application on devices.

With Engage you can:

  • Search events/profiles
  • Download session handouts
  • Create an event schedule
  • View exhibitors and sponsors
  • Create favorites for sessions, speakers or photos
  • Find restaurants or transportation
  • Capability to purchase event sessions within the app
  • Network with other attendees

Engage integrates with other Experient programs as well as social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The app gives users information about registration for events and hotel accommodations. Everything on Engage is in real-time.

Don’t want your event public? No problem. Engage allows members to create a secure login for only specific users. Engage also provides users with analytics on their attendees using the Decision Point tool.

Currently, Engage is not available for Android users. There is no news on if or when they might have an app.



Do you have a mobile app that you couldn’t live without? Share with us! 

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