August 12, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

40Nuggets is an online service that uses call-to-actions to create more traffic for websites. The call-to-action buttons can be something such as “sign up to receive our newsletter” or “like us on Facebook.” These user-friendly pop-ups to engage visitors.

Getting Started

Users must first define their goals. They have four goal options to select from: grow my mailing list, capture bounce traffic, connect to sales, and special offers. Once the goal has been defined and the call-to-action buttons have been created, users must implement the code into their website. It is also worth noting that once users have created an account with 40Nuggets, they are given a code snippet to paste into their website. The code snippet must be placed on every page of the website. 40Nuggets also utilizes A/B testing which can help pinpoint the elements that create the most conversions on a website. Essentially, 40Nuggets calculates the conversions and analytics. Users just have to create the call-to-actions and set the parameters.

Pricing & Plans

40Nuggets offers a 30-day trial for users. After the 30-day trial ends, users can choose from one of the four plans.

  • Basic – $37/month
  • Medium – $149/month
  • Large – $349/month
  • Enterprise – Contact for pricing

40Nuggets offers larger plans (enterprise) for customers, which allow them to customize a plan that fits their needs. Customers can also cancel their account at any time. 40Nuggets bases their plan on the number of unique visitors and the number of call-to-actions. A unique visitor is an individual that visits the website. However, this does not include returning visitors. What if your plan goes over the allotted unique visitors? 40Nuggets will notify and recommend that the customer upgrades their plan for next month. They will not be charged for going over. They also have the option to temporarily freeze their plan until next month when the unique visitor count has been reset.

40Nuggets has also developed a plugin for those utilizing WordPress websites. The plugin can be found here. 40Nuggets is a technology that can benefit users by increasing their traffic and leads.

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