November 13, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Would you prefer to read a blog post about free online tools for creating infographics?


Would you prefer to look at a picture with some text about free online tools for creating infographics?


I don’t know about you but I prefer pictures! Infographics are the perfect way for readers to quickly digest information and data. After all, people are always in a hurry and we tend to scan content in articles and blogs. *You are probably scanning this right now!*  That is why lists and bullet points are helpful but images are even better. Infographics make it easy to display important content to your audience. Even better, infographics are easily shared across social networks.

Today there are many websites that offer ways for you to create infographics but unfortunately not all of them are free. I wanted to share 5 websites that allow you to create infographics for FREE. And you don’t have to be a designer to create any of these! I’m going to discuss these tools in a little more detail first then share with you my infographic. (Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the post to view my infographic 😉 )


Visme is a cloud-based tool that allows you to create visual content for free. Aside from creating just infographics, you can also make presentations, reports, web banners, product demos, and resumes. If you have a bigger budget, Visme offers premium plans with more features. Visme does allow you to create your own infographic from scratch if you don’t want to use any of their templates. Additional features include the capability to add video and audio. You can also animate different objects, which is a unique feature to Visme.


Pricing for Visme

  • Basic: Free
  • Standard: $7/month
  • Complete: $16/month

Visme requires that when users upgrade to a premium plan that they pay annually. Unfortunately, the free plan with Visme does not include all the features that the premium plans have. However, it does allow you to test out some of the basic features before you decide to purchase a premium plan. With the free plan you are able to create a maximum of 3 projects each month.




Canva is the ultimate resource for creating and designing visuals. By far Canva has the most options for creating your visual content. You can create things such as social media posts, presentations, resumes, letterheads, desktop wallpapers, ebook images, marketing materials, events, ads, and much more. Canva allows you to create your own dimensions to better suit your needs. You can upload your own images or search through their library of over 1,000,000 images! Canva offers quite a few free fonts you can choose from too. Additionally, Canva doesn’t require you to upgrade your account. If you want to use one of their premium images, templates, fonts, etc, you simply pay for what you need.


canva-layout is dedicated to creating infographics. To me, it felt similar to Visme because of the features they both offer. allows you to search your template themes by categories. With you have the option to turn on/off the grid for your infographic, which makes editing much easier. You can upload your own images too! I think this makes up for the fact that they don’t offer any graphics/icons.’s background colors and patterns can be changed to fit a portrait, landscape or mobile. All of your projects can be either saved in low or high quality. You can also download them as a PDF.

Free Account Gets You…

  • 60 images each month
  • 24 fonts
  • 15 templates
  • Background options
  • Shapes/charts

Pro Account Gives You More for $3.00/month 

  • 1,000 images each month
  • 50+ fonts
  • Templates
  • Option to upload your own fonts


Piktochart is another great tool. It is specifically designed for creating infographics but can be used in different settings such as for a presentation, report or poster. Piktochart makes it easy to find the template you want with the search capability. With Piktochart you have the option customize your infographic from scratch. The best thing about Piktochart is that you can create as many infographics as you want and you don’t have to upgrade! You can upload your own images too. One of my favorite features is that Piktochart offers video support and other resources. They want to make creating their infographics easy. Unfortunately to receive more options for templates you will need to upgrade to a higher plan.



Lite: $15/month

  • Access to all templates (over 500)
  • Image upload limit 100mb

Pro: $29/month

  • Access to all templates
  • Image upload limit 400mb
  • Hi resolution exports and PDF exports
  • No Piktochart branding on your images
  • Privacy options
  • Integrated export platforms


Venngage offers a variety of templates and themes. All of the templates are organized into categories to easily find a layout that suits your liking and needs. Free tends to come with a price. Venngage doesn’t give the free users access to all features. Free users can only create 5 images each month. If you need to make more than that, you should consider upgrading. With Venngage you can create your own infographic, which helps the lack of template options. You are welcome to upload your own images as well.



Pricing for Venngage

Free Plan

  • Allowed 5 templates for infographics each month
  • Access to some of the charts and icons

Premium Plan: $15/month

  • Unlimited number of infographics, themes/templates, and charts/icons
  • Brand-free infographics
  • Privacy control
  • Export files to PDF or PNG

Do you use any of these tools for creating your infographics? We would love to know what tools work best for you and your business.
And here is the infographic as promised!! As you can see I made it using Visme.Infographic-final