December 4, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Do you know everything people are saying about your brand? While you should know everything people are saying on the Internet and social media about your company, it can be nearly impossible without the help of management tools. With the right tools, you don’t need to spend countless hours worrying about your company’s online reputation. They do the work for you!

The following five tools can help you manage your online business reputation.

1. Google Alerts
Google Alerts is a tool that has been around for a while but it is still a useful tool. Google’s service will send you email notifications any time they find search results based on your queries (or alert). You are able to create as many alerts as you wish. Google Alert can help monitor your company, competitors or even yourself. Google Alerts may also be used to stay updated with current trends, news, or any other interests.

google alerts

2. Social Mention 
Social Mention is a real-time social media search and analysis. You are able to track and measure content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Digg. Social Mention tracks keywords, sentiments, hashtags, and top users, and mentions that are applicable to your search. The results give you details about the overall conversation. Is it negative or positive? The service also provides API and social media alerts on a daily basis.

Social Mention allows you to complete an advanced search to narrow your results. You may also select different channels for your search results. You can specify if you would like to search blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, images, videos and questions. Other features with Social Mention allow you to create RSS feed for your search or export your results into a CSV file.

social mention

Social Searcher 
Social Searcher is a search engine that allows you search any content from social networks. Anyone can complete a search; you do not need to log on. Social Searcher offers advanced options for searching such as different social networks, post types, and languages. Social Searcher focuses on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and also searches the web.

One of the perks of Social Searcher is that you are able to save searches and set up email alerts (You will need to create an account or login for these actions). Social Searcher allows you to export any search results to a CSV file. You may also view analytics of your results. Social Searcher does offer a premium plan which is not free but does come with additional features.

social searcher

MonitorThis is a tool that is more advanced and will need some knowledge with RSS feeds prior to using. So what does it do? MonitorThis tracks and monitors 20 different search engines for results. When you search your company’s name (or another keyword you’re interested in), you receive a file to import into your RSS feed in an OPML format. An OPML file is a type of bookmark list. MonitorThis allows you to also open the file in your web browser. Both options permit you to copy the code, save in your favorite text editor, and import into a feed reader.

monitor this

Boardreader is a search engine specifically for forums and boards. Message boards are considered “invisible web” for traditional search engines such as Google but this is where Board Reader strives. You are able to search any topic or keyword and find what people are talking about. You can complete an advanced search while also focusing on posts, topics, and forums.

board reader

Do you use any tools to help monitor your online reputation?