April 17, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Are you bogged down by your inbox? You feel as though you may never accomplish anything trying to tackle your email. If your inbox is full of hundreds of emails each day, it can be overwhelming and difficult to sort. Important messages can get lost or overlooked. Thankfully, there are many excellent apps and plugins available to help you improve your productivity on your Gmail account. To save you some time, I have compiled a short list of 6 different plugins that can help increase efficiency and communication within the platform.

1. Yesware – Email tracking for sales professionals

Yesware is an email tracking plugin for your Gmail or Outlook account on Chrome or Firefox. So each time you send an email to someone you can track when someone has opened the email, where it was opened, the device used to view the email, and how many times the message was viewed. Yesware provides you with analytics for your emails, includes customizable templates, and has CRM integration. The plugin is free but also offers upgrades.

You are able to keep track of your email campaigns and see how they are performing with Yesware. You also know when the best time to reach out to prospects. It can really help you grow your business, improve reply rates and call connections. Even better, Yesware saves you time and productivity.


2. Streak – Gmail’s Snooze
snooze-emailHow often do you hit the snooze button on your alarm? You generally hit the snooze button because you don’t want to get up yet, right? Well Streak’s Snooze feature is somewhat similar to the snooze on your alarm. You are able to reschedule emails that can be viewed at a later time. These emails are achieved and then resent to you at the scheduled time. Snooze also allows you to schedule draft messages for another date and time.

Snooze is a great way to prioritize emails. It organizes all your Snooze emails into one folder, which makes it quick and easy to view. It helps remind you about any emails you have not sent replies to yet. Your emails are less likely to get lost or forgotten with Streak’s plugin.



3. Unroll.Me – Manage your Mailing Lists
unrollHow many newsletters have you subscribed to over the years? You probably couldn’t count nor have you kept track. We know that manually unsubscribing to your mailing lists is tedious and extremely time consuming. Don’t you wish there was a magic button to unsubscribe from your mailing lists?

Unroll.Me is a great organizational tool that allows you to quickly see a list of all your email subscriptions. You are able to reduce clutter in your inbox by unsubscribing to any unwanted mailing lists with a single click. Just like that your email subscriptions are gone. But what about the subscriptions you actually want? The Rollup compiles all of your favorite mailing lists into a daily digest. The digest organizes your subscriptions into categories so you can easily find the ones you want. Unroll.Me is a free service that also works with Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, and Outlook.


4. Boomerang – Schedule Emails for Later

Boomerang is a browser plugin for Gmail that is centered on timing for emails. The main focus of Boomerang’s plugin is that it has the capability to schedule and manage emails. This functions similar to Streak’s plugin but takes it a step further. Boomerang has many useful features such as a send later option, read receipts, tracking for sent and received messages, and reminders. You can read more information on our blog post about Boomerang.

The Boomerang plugin is designed to create better and effective communication. Are your emails being sent on time? Are people opening your emails? This is a great way to manage your emails.




5. Rapportive – Connect with your Contacts on LinkedIn

Rapportive is an app owned by LinkedIn that uses an email address to extract information from a contact’s profile. Rapportive collects basic information from LinkedIn such as a profile picture, location, employment, social media sites, and any updates.

You can easily gain information about the people you email. You can comment on a shared interest and make connections within your emails. One thing I really like about Rapportive is you never have to leave your inbox to connect with users on LinkedIn. It is a free plugin for Chrome and Firefox users.


6. Checker Plus for Gmail – Multiply your work!
Checker-PlusThe Checker Plus is for managing multiple Gmail accounts with one plugin. The extension has many features. You are able to receive desktop notifications where you can choose to read, achieve, or delete emails. What makes Checker Plus a handy tool is you don’t ever have to open a separate window to view your Gmail accounts.

I like Checker Plus because I don’t have to log in and out of my many Gmail accounts. I can access all my accounts at once. This saves me a lot of time. I also like the desktop notifications so I am not constantly checking my inbox for any new messages.



Perhaps you use some of these plugins for your Gmail. Do you have a favorite plugin that helps you with productivity? Did yours make the list? Let us know!

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