January 14, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Are you looking for tools to enhance your productivity or marketing for your blog? Perhaps you are just looking for new tools to change your routine as a blogger.

Are you ready to start bookmarking? Here are 7 tools to help enhance your blogging.


Embed content on any site


Embedly is a platform that allows users to convert URLs and embed content on any website. Embedly is a responsive and interactive way to share content on the web. Even better, Embedly is a free tool. The embedded content is placed on what they call Cards. The Cards are supposed to make your posts easier to share. There are six different design cards users can select for their posts (such as whether the content is an article, video, event or product). The Cards also have a built in share button. Embed offers a few tools for their users. The embed button can be used on your blog posts so your audience can easily share. The bookmarklet tools is for your web browser. If you find content you’d like to share, click the bookmarklet in your browser and it will create a Card automatically.

Want more? Embedly has an API with three products: embed, extract, and display. You are able to test the three products for free.


Video hosting for businesses


Wistia is a professional video hosting service. Wistia has two features worth noting. With Wistia you have control over the customization of your video player. You can change the colors of the player to fit your site, add social media buttons, include call to actions, and change the size of the buttons or video itself.

Another feature that makes Wistia different from a video hosting service such as YouTube is the analytics. Wistia tracks your performance and provides detailed analytics. One way to track your performance is with video heatmaps. The heatmaps will show you information about the viewers, what they watched or didn’t watch, and the parts they replayed. The trend graphs will tell you how your entire video library performs.

Wistia offers three paid plans:

  • Small Business for $25/month
  • Teams for $100/month
  • High Volume that is based on usage

Wistia also offers a free plan for users that includes basic tools. You can upload up to 50 videos on the free plan with an unlimited amount of storage. All plans offer unlimited amount of storage.


Attach call-to-action buttons with every link you share


How many times do you post articles on social media that someone else has written? Chances are you do this often as a blogger. These articles are great to share but it doesn’t give your website any traffic. Sniply is a tool to help drive traffic to your website by using call-to-actions. You can customize your call-to-action message with Sniply. Users can change the font color, background color, location of the call-to-action on the page, and even add pictures to the message. It also shortens the length of a link so you are able to add more content to your message.

Sniply is integrated with apps such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google and many others. It also tracks the clicks and conversions. Sniply does offer a free plan for users that allows for 1,000 clicks per month. A click counts as the number of times someone clicks on your link. They also have three paid plans starting at $29 month.


Capture and share


CloudApp allows users to upload files and receive a link to share. CloudApp can share files such as documents, screenshots, video, audio, and code snippets. As a free user, you can share 10 files per day at 25MB each. However, CloudApp has three paid plans for users that include unlimited files that are shared daily.

  • Rain (individuals): $10 per month and can upload files up to 500MB
  • Storm: $29 per month and can upload files up to 3GB
  • Hurricane: $79 per month and can upload files up to 6GB

Users may save 15% when they sign up with annual billing. CloudApp is flexible so users may cancel their plan at anytime. They can also switch to another plan without any hassle.


Details for your customer’s browser


Is your customer confused on what web browser version they have? Yourbrowser is a free tool that allows you to view the browser version and other details about your customers. Yourbrowser will create a link for your requested customers. You will then email this link to your customer. Once the customer has opened up the email, you will receive detailed information about their browser. Yourbrowser detects information such as the operating system, color depth, screen resolution, IP address, and social websites.


Share large files


ShareOn is a program that allows you to share large media files quickly to others. With ShareOn you can send photos, videos, and music. Users can download ShareOn for free to use on their desktop or phone. It is available for download on Google Play and the App store. After downloading ShareOn, users can sign in with Facebook or an email address.

ShareOn has no restrictions for the file size or how many files you share with your friends. Privacy is important with ShareOn and therefore your files are never connected to a server. You have also control over who views your media.

The app allows you to see media that is stored on other devices that have ShareOn installed (such as your desktop, tablet, and phone). Additionally, ShareOn can stream your media to your smart television for better viewing. This is perfect for your television shows and movies.


The Pinterest for your blogs


Users don’t need to spend hours searching on Google for the best blogs anymore because Notey solves the problem. Notey is a search engine for your blogs that users can easily search over 500,000 topics of their choice. Catherine Tan and Kevin Lepsoe founded Notey in 2013. The couple realized that they were spending hours searching for blogs and they knew they weren’t the only ones dealing with this. So Notey was born. Currently Notey is in beta. Their website does not indicate when it will fully launch.

Users can sign up for free with their email or with Facebook. By creating an account, users will be able to save their favorite blogs topics and blog articles. If you use Facebook, you can search your friends that also use Notey. Notey does not have a limit on the number of topics you can subscribe to or the amount of stories you save. The platform is set up to be social with your friends, followers and bloggers. So discover, collect and share blogs!

What are some of your favorite every day blogging tools?