September 12, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

If you need to create Flash-free animations, Animatron is a great tool. Animatron is a HTML5 animation editor that allows users to create animations, banners and infographics all in a web browser. The online editor does not require any coding, downloading, or plugins in order to use and create designs.

Co-Founder and CEO of Animatron, Dmitry Skavish, came up with the idea while helping his daughter with a homework assignment. His daughter’s teacher had recommended a less than equip animation program. After Skavish researched the web, he realized that there weren’t any user-friendly animation editors. This is how Animatron began along with the help from JetBrains, a Czech software company.

Animatron allows users to collaborate with others by sending project links instead of sharing large files. Users can also edit projects by others or create a project from scratch. Everyone wants to share his or her work. Animatron allows users to embed their projects on their own pages by either using the IFRAME or canvas tags and script tags.

Featured Tools:

  • Import audio
  • Create custom shapes
  • Import images and SVGs
  • Timeline based animation (works similar to Adobe Flash)
  • Vector drawing tools
  • Create paths for animations

Plans & Pricing

Animatron does not require users to sign up prior to utilizing their service. However, in order to continue working on a project, users must either login or create an account. Projects are saved in the cloud; therefore projects can be accessed on any device, at anytime. Users can sign in using their Facebook or Google account if they do not wish to create an Animatron account. Animatron offers three plans. To view additional information on pricing with Animatron, please visit their pricing page.

  • Free – 20 public projects
  • Starter – $6 per month with 5 private projects and unlimited public projects
  • Pro – $20 a month with unlimited private and public projects

If you are interested in trying Animatron, I highly recommend it. Their website also offers video tutorials along with support.

This video was created using Animatron

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