June 24, 2014 / Allison Smith

Awesome Screenshot - Capture, Annotate and ShareWhile browsing around for some helpful, new design tools today, I came across this gem. It’s called Awesome Screenshot, and the name pretty much sums it up. It’s an add-on for Firefox, but is also available for Chrome and Safari browsers.

If you are a designer or a developer and have ever needed a screenshot of a page, you know how much of a pain it can be to get the whole page (if you need to scroll for more information). Having to screenshot a section, then scroll down and do another, and then another, and then paste them all into one Photoshop (or other editing software) and then crop it can be tedious, to say the least.

But Awesome Screenshot solves all of those problems! You simply open the plugin on whatever page you need to screenshot, and you have the option to just screenshot the visible section, or to do the whole page. Now, let’s say you just need more than what’s visible, but not quite the whole page. No worries. You don’t have to do the whole page and then open it in Photoshop and crop and re-save it or anything. Once you select what portion you want to screenshot, it will take to you an edit screen where you have the option to crop, blur out sections (personal information for example), draw around certain areas, and add shapes and text to annotate the image.

Once you have the screenshot edited just the way you want, you have the option to save straight to your computer, or save it online temporarily to come back to later. There is also a re-edit button in case you need to change anything before saving.

Thanks to Awesome Screenshot, detailed screenshots are now a breeze.

Click here to view their site and download the plug-in.

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