August 19, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Do you wish you didn’t have to carry around your keys to unlock everything? Or perhaps you are tired of trying to remember your locker combination. Noke is a padlock that allows users to lock anything such as a locker, bicycle, house, storage unit, or a gate without a physical key. Noke, which sounds like ‘no key’, is a device that simply requires Bluetooth connectivity along the Noke app to unlock items. Noke was designed so that people don’t need to take out their phone from their pockets or hassle with a combination. No need to worry if you don’t have your phone on you. Noke allows users to create custom access codes. The access code uses clicks and taps to unlock Noke.

The padlock can also be shared with others by utilizing the Noke app. The app allows users to customize their settings for sharing. They can select permanent, one-time or custom settings. The app also has the capability to show the history of the locked and unlocked devices. It will track the days and times Noke has been used. It also keeps track of those you’ve shared with. When the battery is running low on your Noke padlock, you will receive a notification on your phone app telling you to replace the battery. However, the battery is expected the last up to a year with normal use.

Noke can be used with iOS and Android devices. The padlock is also water resistant. If you are wondering where and when you can purchase Noke. Unfortunately, the device is still with the KickStarter campaign. However, Noke is expected to ship close to February 2015. The padlock is anticipated to cost $59 for those who purchase early, which is $30 off the retail price.

Stay tuned with Kickstarters to learn more about the features and release date of Noke.

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