July 9, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Perhaps you are out of town on vacation with your family; your emails aren’t going to send themselves. But what if your emails could send without you pushing send on your vacation? Boomerang is a browser plugin for Gmail that is centered on timing for emails. The main focus of Boomerang is this plugin has the capability to schedule and manage emails. Boomerang has many useful features.


Send Later
Users are able to select the option for sending emails at another time, which is called send later. Need to send this email in one hour? Or what about a specific date and time? This can all be completed under send later. Users are also able to schedule a recurring message, which can be done within the send later feature. Boomerang allows users to manage their entire scheduled messages. This is where users can view, reschedule or even cancel messages.

Read Receipt
Another aspect Boomerang offers is the read receipt. This will track when a message has been received and will notify the sender. However, read receipts is not a free feature offered on Boomerang.

Response Tracking
Similar to read receipt is the response tracking feature. This allows users to track when you have sent or a received a message. It can also notify you if you have not yet gotten a reply.

Another free feature on Boomerang is reminders which allows you to set notifications so you never forget to send an email. Because we are always on the go, Boomerang is also available to use on your mobile device or tablet.

The basic version of Boomerang is a free with your gmail account. However, Boomerang is also available with additional paid packages. The personal package is $4.99 a month, the Pro package is $14.99 a month and premium is $49.99 a month. For those looking to use the free version of Boomerang, users will have access to the send later feature, reminders, and response tracking. However, the free version only allows 10 message credits per month.


Boomerang allows you to control your email so messages are sent and received at the proper time. Would you find this browser plugin useful? Try Boomerang out and let us know what you think.

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