July 30, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Eye dropper

Google Chrome has a free add-on called the Eye Dropper that allows users to pick colors from web pages. Once you’ve downloaded Eye Dropper, an icon will appear on the top right of your browser and you then can begin hovering your cursor over web pages to select colors. This add-on is helpful because it tells you the hex value, the RGB color and also gives you a small box sampling the color. Not only can users pick colors off of any web page but also under the color picker tab, users can select colors using a color wheel. Eye Dropper will display both the old and new colors. Additionally, Eye Dropper has the option to store colors into your history and save them for sometime in the future.

Eye Dropper allows users to change and adjust a few settings. To make things easier when picking colors off a webpage, Eye Dropper has the option to automatically copy colors to the clipboard. The add-on gives users the option for only copying the RBG color, and not including the hex value. Users can select different cursors, either a pointer or crosshair. By default, the color pick box is listed on the bottom right corner of your browser. However, if you unselect this option, you will only see a tiny box with the color as you hover over different items on the web page. Also under settings are a few shortcuts such as picking up color, canceling a color pick, and updating colors.


Eye Dropper is great for web designers and developers who need a fast and efficient way to grab colors off a web page.

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