October 2, 2014 / Melissa Faudree


1. Thou Shall Not Steal Content

This has and always will be an important rule to follow. Stealing content from others not only reflects badly on you but also could hurt your reputation and sales. Make sure your content is original while also promoting curiosity.

2. Thou Shall Promote Content

It is rather pointless if you create content but do not share it with an audience. You can promote your content on places such as social media. This will help keep your audience engaged and knowledgeable of your brand. You want your audience to be influenced by the content you create. Also, you want to make your content easy to share for your audience (Like including social media buttons).

3. Thou Shall Create Entertaining Content

You want your audience to listen and read your content. Keep your content entertaining by including things such as images, video clips, GIFs, podcasts or tell a story. Your audience does not want to be bombarded with paragraphs of straight text. Jazz things up a bit.

4. Thou Shall Know Your Audience

If you don’t know or understand your audience then you can’t expect to have much business. Get to know your listeners. What are they interested in? What are they posting on Twitter and Facebook?

5. Thou Shall Write Quality work

It’s not just about the quantity but also about the quality of the content. The quality of your content should be well researched so that your audience can share and promote the information. Also be sure to keep content short and to the point. Your content should hold value for your audience.

6. Thou Shall Not Pitch Products

People don’t want to be pitched about a product or service. They need something they can relate to, that is genuine and real. The underlining meaning of your content can be intended to sell, however, it should not be read as a pitch.

7. Thou Shall Update Content

You don’t want your audience to visit to your website and see that you haven’t written a blog in over two years. By staying current with your blog and/or social media, this gives you more validity and credibility. It also shows that you are interested in your brand.

8. Thou Shall be Authentic

The content should be original and worthy of reading. Make sure your content speaks about who and what your brand represents.

9. Thou Shall invite Commenting

The content should allow for feedback from an audience whether that is within your blog or social media. If people are talking about your brand, they are promoting it. The content should always invite conversation.

10. Thou Shall Create and Measure Goals

Setting goals for yourself is always good plan; the same goes for your content. Use goals to help determine the type of content you write and share. Once you figured out your goals then you can determine how to measure those results.

Can you think of any other commandments that weren’t listed?

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