September 9, 2014 / Melissa Faudree


There are many coding platforms available for developers. CSSDeck is another resource and allows people to share and experiment with code. It is a great place for developers that work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. CSSDeck also helps other developers solve coding issues. Users can showcase their work on CSSDeck and share with others some of the cutting edge practices.

CSSDeck’s home page is broken down into three categories or tabs: Picks, Popular, and Codecasts. The Picks are featured code that CSSDeck has handpicked for their visitors. The Popular tab is just as it sounds. It showcases all the most popular code snippets. Codecasts are video clips of the text that is typed in the code editors. These video tutorial clips help show how the code functions.

CSSDeck allows users to do a variety of things on their website. Users can create new code, fork it, or share the code. In order to like or comment on a particular code snippet, users must create an account or login. CSSDeck allows users to sign in using GitHub or Twitter. An account with CSSDeck is free. CSSDeck offers real time collaboration where users can code with others. Most code snippets are private until CSSDeck showcases them on their website. However, users are able to search for specific snippets.

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