September 2, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

If you are looking for more information about design, Design-Newz is a great resource. Design-Newz is a website that features articles, tutorials, and tips for users. The website is broken down into three sections: Design-Newz, Design-Folioz, and Design-Dealz.


Reasons I found Design-Newz to be a great tool:

Design-Newz doesn’t just write articles about the latest news in design. There are two additional sections. The Desgin-Folioz is a portfolio section for designers. These portfolios are from a variety of web sources. The featured portfolios are handpicked, with new posts added daily. Users are also able to submit portfolios for Design-Newz to feature. Users can search the portfolio section using the site tags.

Design-Newz also has a section for the latest deals called Design-Dealz. The majority of the design deals come from an outside website called Mightydeals. However, this section also includes an assortment of other websites for design deals. The deals are updated daily with at least five new deals added. Users are able to search by site tags to find certain deals. This section also allows users to submit a design deal.

I think Design-Newz has some great features, however, I would like to see them implement the search tool for their site. It would be easier when trying to search for deals, articles, or portfolios. The tags are helpful but if someone were short on time, this would be a huge help.

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