July 3, 2014 / Allison Smith

How Design is an online magazine with lots of resources available for Graphic Designers & Web Designers. They also have current design news, links to firms to get to know, online learning, events, competitions to participate in, links to jobs and job wanted ads, and so much more!

Some of the resources I found the most helpful are as follows:

Type Foundaries:
As a designer, you probably have a top 5 list (maybe more) of font sites that you go to when searching for the perfect font for a new design. Well, every year, HOW magazine creates a list of various type foundries with tons of fonts to choose from! So no more being locked into those top sites that never seem to update their library quite as much as you want/need them to. Now the choices are almost endless, So browse away and find some awesome new fonts to use.

Stock Images
Just like the font list, they also create a list of stock image sites. Here is their list of stock image companies with the variety you need to find the best stock images for your project.




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