September 23, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Music plays role in many designers’ lives. It’s a way to get inspiration, motivation or reflection. DesignersMX is a website created for designers that allows them to create playlists to share with others. Blake Allen and Josh Sullivan created DesignersMX in 2011. However, the website took a break until recently. Users can now explore the DesignersMX’s website again.

DesignersMX allows users to create a profile. You do not have to be a designer to sign up or access the website. However, in order to create mixes or playlist, you must be a designer. When registering for an account, there is a checkbox to specify if you are a designer. In order to be accepted as a designer, designers must include a link to their portfolio or work.

The DesignersMX website allows users to search by category of either designers or mixes. It can also be noted that the search function on the site is currently disabled. Each designer’s profile includes their playlists and other likes. The profiles give brief information about the designers along with a link to either their portfolio or website.

So how do you listen to this playlists? When you click on a mix or playlist, the music runs using Spotify in your web browser. Members can leave comments on any playlist. Each playlist includes a description about the mix. It also reveals how many people have liked the mix, listened or commented. DesignersMX allows designers to include tags on their playlists.


DesignersMX is a good website for designers who are looking for inspiration. It is also a place for discovery. Try it out for yourself! Join the designer community here.

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