August 4, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

“404 Not Found” can be a frustrating thing to see while browsing the Internet. Unfortunately 404 error pages are common on the Internet. These errors appear when a page no longer exists or has become unavailable to visitors. There could also be a broken link when visitors receive this error page.

Fortunately, web designers have designed and created custom 404 error pages to help entertain and possibly put a smile back on visitors’ faces even in the unfortunate event. UltraLinx, a UK web magazine, has created a list of 20 custom designs for 404 error pages. UltraLinx’s list of 404 error pages includes creative and unique designs while other examples use humor to describe the situation. Click here to view the list of 404 error designs.

A personal favorite on their list is from the Lego website. The error page includes a message and an image of a Lego character holding up a disconnected cord with a shocked expression on his face. There are three other Lego characters in the background looking frustrated and disappointed.

I invite you to share some of your favorite 404 error page designs. Page Not Found


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