June 15, 2016 / Melissa Faudree

Apple announced a lot of new changes on Monday, June 13th at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Did you miss the conference? Fear not because we have the latest scoop on what is coming. We have compiled a quick handy list that highlights the major features coming this fall. We cannot wait!!

watchos-3watchOS 3

  • Faster! Loads apps 7x faster than previous watch with Instant Launch
  • Auto unlock
  • Improved navigation
  • Updated Control Center
  • New watch faces, can be customized
  • Redesigned: Find Friends and reminders
  • New Keyboard: Scribble (Can draw letters/words)
  • New SOS: Emergency phone calls (Hold down side button)
  • New: Activity Sharing for fitness tracking (Ex. Share heart rate, voice message)
  • New health app: Breathe app focuses on breathing/relaxation techniques
  • Improved tracking for wheelchair users


  • tvOS
    • Expanding the library, adding live channels too
    • Single sign-on
    • YouTube search function
    • Dish’s Sling TV coming
    • New remote app: With Siri for voice command, touch, and motion controls for playing games
    • Dark mode background
    • Automatic download between iOS and tvOS


macOS Sierra: OS X is now renamed to macOS. Public beta in July but is currently available today for developers.

  • Auto Unlock: So you won’t need a password if you are close by
  • Universal clipboard: Copy and paste among multiple Apple devices
  • iCloud Drive: You can share files across devices now; optimized storage
  • Desktop storage saving capabilities
  • Apple Pay on web/Safari
  • Picture in picture
  • Siri support on Mac: Available in dock and Spotlight
  • Photos with automatic recognition

voicemailiOS 10: Cook calls iOS 10 “the mother of all releases.” (Beta release in July, full release in fall)

  • Improved lock screen with “Raise to Wake”
  • Redesigned notifications (3D touch)
  • New Command Center
  • Siri available for developers
  • QuickType: New typing suggestions and uses deep learning
    • Quicktype also uses your location, scheduling, contact information to predict text.
    • Also available in multilingual typing
  • Stock apps will be removable (Default apps such as Stock, Tips, etc)
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Spam phone calls: Phone will be able to detect possible spam calls
  • New VoIP: Incoming Internet calls look normal (Ex. Phone call from Messenger will look the same as any incoming call)
  • Enhanced contact card
  • Enhanced photos:
    • Advanced Computer Vision (facial recognition)
    • Added Memories: Groups photos based on events and locations
    • Ability to create montage with Memories and music
    • Live photo editing capabilities
  • iMessage:
    • iMessage open to developers
    • Emojis 3x bigger
    • Rich links: Opens videos (YouTube videos), images, etc. right in app. You can even add Apple Music directly in your messages. You never have to leave iMessage for your media.
    • Emojify: Predicts emojis as you type. You can also replace words with emojis by simply tapping the emoji on your keyboard.
    • Bubble Effects: Add animations to messages so they pop in different ways; Messages can be in larger or smaller fonts. (5 different effects)
    • Invisible Ink: Send a hidden text/photo and recipient will need to swipe to view
    • Digital Touch: Turn your keyboard into sketchpad (hand written notes or sketch, can also write over images/videos)
    • Full-screen Effects: Add special effects in your background to your friends
    • App store for iMessage: iMessage has an app drawer with stickers, gifs, payments, music, etc.
    • Tapback: Reply to a message without typing (You are able to choose a message or send an icon)
    • Launch camera directly in iMessage


  • More capabilities with Maps
    • Book rides or make reservations in Maps (use Apple Pay)
    • Ability to zoom and pan during navigation
    • Search different things along your route (Ex. Gas stations, food, etc.)
    • CarPlay (Show alternative routes/traffic alerts)
    • Maps also open to developers
  • Redesign Apple Music (redesigned the tab interface)
    • When you click to open Apple Music, it directly goes to your playlist
    • Added Daily curated playlist, “For You” (Similar to Spotify Discover)
    • Also easy access to the Connect tab and radio channels
    • Lyrics for songs
  • Redesign Apple News
    • Subscriptions to different magazines
    • Featured stories from editors
    • Breaking news notifications
  • Home App
    • Allows you to control all your smart devices around the home (Specific for HomeKit enabled products)
    • Home has been added to Control Center for easy access
    • WatchOS also has Home control
  • Privacy
    • Differential Privacy: Keeps your data anonymous (enables crowd sourced learning without breaching privacy)
    • End-to-end encryption
    • On-device intelligence
    • No user profiling
  • More features with Siri: Siri can interact with different apps, not just Apple apps (Ex. Text Bob in Facebook’s Messenger to let him know I’m running 5 minutes late)
  • Split View in Safari on iPad
  • Swift Playgrounds app
    • Teaching everyone to code; target audience are children (Free app)
    • Built-in keyboard with coding shortcuts
    • Only available on the iPad


Cook concludes the conference by saying, “At Apple we believe that technology should lift humanity, and enrich our lives. Whether it’s on their wrist, on the desk, in the palm of their hand, or even automating their homes. Four great platforms that become even more capable by working with you.”

Previews of some of the new features coming to iOS 10

Are you excited for Apple’s new software updates? If you want to learn more about the new features coming this fall, you can visit Apple’s website.

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