June 24, 2014 / Allison Smith

Infographics have been around for quite some time, but continue to rise in popularity as software and media platforms continue to advance. They are a great way to display information that can be easily digested by the user, and they can also help to break up large amounts of text on websites, or in case studies for example. Now, with various infographic programs available, you can make these infographics a little more fun and appealing.

Sometimes you really need a plain and simple bar graph or line graph to display your information. But for information that can be displayed a little more casually, or that needs to be more aesthetically pleasing by incorporating graphics, colors and fonts, Easel.ly is a great option.

Easil.ly is a free, easy to use web site that allows you to create infographics either from scratch or from one of their thousands of pre-made templates. They have over 300,000 users, so their list of templates is constantly being updated.

When making your infographic, you can start from scratch and upload your own background, and even upload your own images to use in the graphic, and then add text, shapes, or objects from a variety of categories including, banners, food, icons, maps, people, nature, and many more. Or you can select a pre-made template and use that as a start. You can still edit all information on the existing template, as well as change colors and add in objects, if you wanted.

Once your infographic is complete, you have the option of saving it online, or downloading it right to your computer to share later. There’s also a save option so you can come back to your design if you don’t get to finish it right away.

Click here to view their site and get started.

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