July 29, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Perhaps you have a website that needs protection from infringement. Easy Watermark is a free plugin for WordPress that allows users to add watermarks on images uploaded to their media library. The plugin gives users the option to add images or text or include both as a watermark. Easy Watermark allows users to customize their watermarks.

What if you would like to add a watermark to existing images? The Easy Watermark plugin allows users to manually select any images they wish to create watermarks for. There is also a way for users to select all images to add watermarks. Under settings users can select a box that allows the watermark to appear on any images uploaded or images already in the media library. Be careful of this setting, especially if you don’t want all images to have a watermark because you cannot undo this action. Users can select the type of post where the watermark will appear which include posts, pages, unattached images or users can select all.

Easy Watermark can upload jpg, png or gif files to implement a watermark. The image sizes for watermarks include the standard WordPress sizes: thumb, medium, large, and full-size. Users can also select the scaling mode, which is how the watermark will appear on screen. When users are adding a watermark they can choose where the text and images are aligned. The position of the watermark can be aligned either by left, center, right, top, middle or bottom. Users can adjust the text style but only have ten fonts to choose from within the plugin. Users also have the option to set the opacity. Easy Watermark has the capability to add placeholders for a text watermark. Currently, the plugin does not allow users to remove a watermark that has already been created. However, the developers are working on changing this feature.

Does the Easy Watermark seem like a plugin you might use for WordPress? Do you have another watermark plugin you use with WordPress? Or would be prefer to create a watermark in Photoshop?

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