December 9, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

We all have advertisements that stick out in our mind. Whether it’s a billboard, print ad, something on social media, or perhaps something we saw on television, no matter what kind, these ads are all trying to sell us something. Every day we are bombarded with messages from the media. Advertising is designed to be memorable in order to sell a product or idea. But the catch with advertisements is marketers only have a limited amount of time to grab the attention of their audience. So what are the qualities of an effective and creative advertisement?

A Good Ad Should…

  • Be memorable and original
  • Grab the audience’s attention
  • Have a clear and focused message that provides information and facts
  • Entice your target audience so that it sparks curiosity
  • Images should communicate your message (very few words are needed)
  • Create a sense of urgency so that it calls the viewer to action

Our gallery shows 10 creative advertisements for inspiration and ideas for creating an effective advertisement.

1. Vermont Department of Health ad by KSV


2. Earth Day Canada

3. Project Lembrar for Alzheimer’s

4. Schick Razor

5. Volkswagon

6. Hellenic Association of Blood Donors

7. Toys “R” Us

8. Ray Ban

9. Nestea Face Straw

10. Comforta:“Sleep like it used to be”


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