October 8, 2014 / Melissa Faudree


Rumors are buzzing that Facebook is going to release a new app that allows people to be anonymous. Why is Facebook exploring new ways to interact on the network? Perhaps they are trying to compete with Ello. Or maybe they want to protect the privacy of its members.

Josh Miller is the product manager at Facebook who is leading the new app and revealed some information to the New York Times. The purpose of the app is to allow members to discuss topics without sharing their real names. They can sign in with a fake name and interact with others. Because the app is still being developed, it is unclear whether the app will function with the main Facebook site. Also, there is no clear evidence about how the app will be setup. Hopefully within the next few weeks there will be more information regarding this new app that being developed.

Despite the fact that there is still very little we know about the app, we do know that they are looking to create something where users can create a fake name for themselves. Most recently, Facebook has attempted to recover from their policy about requiring transgender, lesbian and gay communities to reveal their legal name on the network. The company stated they would update their policy so they could use whatever name they used on a daily basis.

Does this app sound like something you would participate in or would you use another website instead? More importantly, would you trust Facebook to keep your identity anonymous?

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