August 11, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Folyo is a service that helps businesses find web designers in a private community. Folyo also is a way for designers to apply for work. The designers with Folyo have experience in web design and also UI, UX, logo design, illustration, icon, print, and packaging design. So how does it work? Companies can post their project details on Foylo and designers can then reply to their posts. Designers must create a profile on Folyo with links to their online portfolio and any other links regarding their professional work. Companies can search for designers based on certain skills and experience.

Folyo has a few guidelines that designers need to consider when applying for work. They must have an online personal portfolio in order to be considered for work on Folyo. If designers do not include a portfolio, they will be rejected, regardless of their skills or experience. Foylo does not accept personal blogs, PDFs, Dribbble or Forrst accounts, Flash-only or any password-protected portfolios. In order to be considered for work, designers should include screenshots of their work, details of each project with goals and quotes from clients, along with their latest projects. Designs can use places such as Cargo, Carbonmade, or 4ormat to create an online portfolio.

Folyo is based on a one-per project fee of $99 that allows businesses to post work. Designers should create a free account that will help boost their chances of landing a job. Also worth noting about Folyo is if companies are unable to find a designer for a project, they will give their money back and also give them a discount for the next time.

Folyo seems like a great service, whether you are a designer looking for work or a business that needs help on a project.

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