July 28, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Finding free high-resolution images can sometimes be a daunting task. Thankfully there are some websites that offer hi-resolution images for free. I’ve created a short list of websites that I find offer a variety of selection and also easy to navigate.

1. Unsplash


Unsplash posts 10 new images every 10 days. The photographers hired by Unsplash understand anyone can use their images and use them however they please. The website does not offer a way to search by category for any image. Unsplash displays images on their website so that users must scroll to find any images they wish to select for download. Unsplash wants to make sure their users never miss a post and allow them to subscribe to their email list where they will receive new 10 images every 10 days. Users may also follow Unspalsh on Tumblr to receive updates.

2. Splashbase


Splashbase has all the same images from the Unsplash website. However, Splashbase allows users to browser and search images. Just like Unsplash, they update their website with new images every 10 days. Splashbase is the faster alternative if users are in a hurry for a specific image.

3. Stockvault

Free Stock Photos Stockvault.net Free Photos Free Images


Stockvault probably has the most selection of images. Stockvault allows users to browse by categories or use their search. The website also features tabs of categories: newest, most viewed, most downloaded, most loved and featured. Stockvault includes information about their photos such as a brief description, size, and photographer. Stockvault not only has free images but also includes premium stock images from Shutterstock. Users are able to download images, share, like images and even donate the photographer.

5. Morguefile


Morguefile’s website includes free images and stock photos. Users are able to search for free images or can browser through the photo archive. Morguefile also includes information on their photos, which is very similar to Stockvault. The free images on Morguefile are not in the public domain and therefore a user cannot claim ownership.


Interested in more resources? Here are a few other free stock image sites:

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