July 8, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Curious about what people remember from your website? What are their first impressions? From the creators of Zurb, a company that helps designers improve their websites have created an app called Clue. Clue is a free app that has the capability to test what users remember about your website. The app tests users by including a screenshot of a web page (perhaps the home page) that makes users recall 5 items of what they saw in 5 ½ seconds. 5 ½ seconds might seem like a short amount of time but it is enough time for users to figure out if they can find what they need on that site. Clue is a way for web designers to receive feedback and distinguish what sticks out for users. Are they making the best usage of colors, text/content, layout, images or graphics?

How can you test your site using the Clue app? Follow these steps:

  1. Type in the URL (Clue takes a screenshot of that page)
  2. Share your Memory test on Facebook, Twitter or by email (This will help get results for testing what people remember about your site)
  3. View the Clue Report





Perhaps you want to upload an image instead of a URL; Clue also offers a way to test what users remember about an image. http://www.clueapp.com/image_uploads/new

If you are looking for more information and feedback, check out VerifyApp by Zurb which tests where people would click on a page, what people remember, and how a certain page makes that person feel. However, unlike Clue, Verify is not free.

What resources do you use to test the first impressions of a website?