July 3, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Something that is trending in web design is the usage of ghost buttons. The name might sound a little eerie but it is their nature that gives these buttons their unique name. Ghost buttons are transparent clickable buttons on a web page. They can also be called, “hollow,” “naked” or “empty.” They are flat shaped and can be a square, rectangle, diamond, or circle. More often you will find these ghost buttons shaped in a rectangle. Typically ghost buttons have a thin or simple outline that contains text. The buttons are usually larger than other traditional clickable buttons. They are placed in a prominent part of the page, such as the center, which will grab the users attention. They can be placed with other ghost buttons to create a desired effect. Ghost buttons will essentially blend in with the background and scheme of the web page. The key to using ghost buttons in your design is simplicity and used best with a flat design scheme in order to grab users attention.

I wanted to share some examples of ghost buttons being used on websites. Of course, there are thousands of other examples that show how ghost buttons are used today.

The Loft




The Distance









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