July 30, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Gliffy is an easy way to create diagrams online. The app allows users to create a variety of diagrams such as flowcharts, UML diagrams, wireframes, network diagrams, BPMN, organizational charts, and sitemaps. There is no need to download any software because Gliffy works directly in any web browser. Users are able to drag and drop from the tool bar to create a diagram of their choice.

When users sign up for a standard or pro membership, they receive more features than the free version offers. Users can control any version of their saved diagrams. Users can email anyone their project, which will allow them to access the diagram on your account using a temporary password. Users can also share their work on social media. Gliffy has Google Drive integration where users can manage and access their diagrams on any computer or device. Gliffy also works with other integration applications: Google Docs, Google Apps, Chrome webstore, WordPress, and Microsoft Word. There are many themes and templates Gliffy offers their customers. Gliffy also has the option to import Visio documents but this feature is only available for those using the pro membership.


Gliffy is free for users when they create no more than 5 diagrams. A free membership gives users 2MB of storage but does not have the option for private diagrams. In order to make diagrams private, users must upgrade to either the pro or standard membership. The standard option is $4.95 per month and gives users 200 private diagrams with 200MB of storage. The pro option is 9.95 per month and has an unlimited amount of space and diagrams.

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