July 17, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Gumroad is an online service that helps creators sell their digital products using a simple and sleek payment form. Whatever you are selling; music, comics, software, books, or movies; Gumroad can accommodate, as long as each upload is under 12GB. Creators may use any online platform such as a website or Facebook to sell their products. Gumroad’s payment form never takes the customer to another page or website. Creators can make a payment page that includes the necessary payment information. Customers will never leave the creator’s website or use go through a third party to make a payment. Even better, customers only need to fill out their email address and credit card information. Gumroad reduces unnecessary steps such as entering a phone number, home address, or creating a login. Using Gumroad, after customers have purchased a product they receive an email receipt stating their purchase along with a link to download the item.

Gumroad does not have any hosting or monthly fees but charges 5% of the product cost + 25 cents per transaction. They pay their creators every other Friday and allow for them to use either direct deposit or PayPal. The catch to getting paid is creators must have at least a balance of $10 in either their direct deposit or PayPal accounts.

Gumroad uses an encrypted HTTP secure connection to ensure security of sensitive transaction information. Gumroad only retains information if the customer decides to set up an account for future purchases. Any purchased item has a download link that is also secure and requires verification for more downloads. The link will expire after it is used once.

In addition to selling digital products, Gumroad has the capability to send physical products to customers. However, the physical product forms require customers to enter a little more information. Gumroad also requires the creator to send a detailed digital version of the physical product.


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