February 9, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Hashtags can be a great tool for reaching and connecting more people on social media but it can also be somewhat difficult to know the important conversations to join. One of the reasons is because there are so many networks that utilize hashtags such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or Instagram. Another reason is because hashtags do not interconnect across social networks. Therefore, it can be difficult to expand your online community. How can you increase your social awareness and develop more conversations with others? CrowdChat is a platform that can help!

What is CrowdChat?

CrowdChat is a cloud-based social chat platform that is centered around the hashtag. The platform allows a virtual community to come together for events or meetups using hashtags on social media. Crowdchat calls these meetups an “active engagement container.” This is where like-minded people can get together at a certain time and discuss any topic using a selected hashtag. The platform can be used across multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, the main focus on CrowdChat is Twitter.

How it works

With CrowdChat you must first sign in with either Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You then have the option to create a chat or become apart of a conversation. To join a conversation in CrowdChat users can search the platform for different conversations to join. You can search for specific hashtags, chats, posts and users. Each community conversation will have a description of what the topic is about, those involved in the chat, and a stream or timeline of the comments. The post box allows you to have conversations with the ability to add images or videos. CrowdChat gives you a maximum of 256 characters per post. Posts will be shortened with a backlink that can be expanded on Twitter. The interesting thing about CrowdChat is that it allows you vote on other participants’ comments. You may also select to favorite a comment or retweet on Twitter.

CrowdChat Example

To create a chat you must go to your account settings and select create a chat. CrowdChat will walk you through a few steps to create your chat. You must give your chat a hashtag, title and description. Then you must select the date, time, and duration of your chat. CrowdChat gives you the option to customize your chat by adding images, hosts, external links, or a live stream.

It is important to note that every post in CrowdChat will go either to your timeline on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, depending on which network you are signed in with. However, CrowdChat gives you the option to not have your comment posted on social media. The purpose of the hashtag and chat conversation in CrowdChat is to draw more people into the community. Instead of only reaching people within one social network, CrowdChat allows you to expand your connections by utilizing the hashtag and comment links from participants in the community.


CrowdChat offers two plans for their customers; a community plan which is free and an enterprise plan that must be paid for with additional services and features. Unfortunately, CrowdChat does not specify how much their enterprise plan costs customers. This is more than likely because CrowdChat is still in beta mode. CrowdChat offers free analytics and transcripts for all chats. They use 1–Click Community technology to improve your social media productivity.

CrowdChat Plans

CrowdChat is a great platform to expand your targeted conversations with organizations, friends, relatives or colleagues. Have you used platforms like CrowdChat? We want to know your experience.