June 24, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Today we spend much of our time on our cell phones or tablets. Because of this, technology needed to change how we browse the web on these devices for optical viewing. Responsive web design was created which allows the web browser to adapt based upon different devices. Responsive web design is rapidly trending but what makes a good responsive website? What qualities do these website possess?


1. Accessible main menu
No matter what device or size your browser is, the menu should always be in plain sight and accessible to your users. If users cannot navigate throughout your site, they will leave. The menus are typically shrunk (and then function as a drop down menu) and placed somewhere along the top of the screen.

2. Themes are the same across each operating system and web browser
The look and function of the website needs to be the same across all cross-platforms. If the menu looks different in Safari than it does Firefox, then this should be adjusted. The goal is to have the same look and feel for all users regardless of the web browser or operating system.

3. Themes need to be properly scaled
The screen on your desktop is much bigger than your mobile device but simply shrinking the design will not work. The content needs to be properly scaled, not just creating smaller text or images. Users don’t want to see distorted images; they want to view clear and crisp images. You want the users to be able to view your content they way you intended.

4. Visible social media buttons
Social media is almost vital in today’s society. Do you want your name or company shared? Social media is way for businesses to advertise and make awareness. Make sure these buttons are visible to your audience at all times.

Can you think of any additional factors when you use responsive web design? What are some examples of well-done responsive websites?

The ideas in this article originated from Tesla Themes blog and can be found on: http://teslathemes.com/blog/4-most-important-features-of-responsive-wordpress-themes/

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