July 9, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Do you want your website to run faster? Do you have large images that are slowing down your WordPress website? Imsanity is a WordPress plugin that automatically resizes and compresses large images that have been uploaded. So what about the name? Did they spell insanity wrong? Imsanity is short for Image Sanity Limit.


  • Automatically scales images to a browser compatible size
  • Capability to use the bulk-resize feature (which allows users to resize and compress any selected files that already in your media library on WordPress)
  • Max width/height and jpg quality configuration
  • Can convert BMP to JPG
  • Resize PNG, JGP, and GIF files

So why use Imsanity when WordPress already scales images for you? WordPress gives users three different sized images along with the original full size. Users can select either thumbnail, medium or large. WordPress also gives you the option to customize the size your image. However, any of the unused images take up unnecessary space. Imsanity has a size limit that is configurable. Also Imsanity will not alter or change any of your previously uploaded images. However, users have the capability to use the bulk-resize feature to select existing images from the media library. The bulk-resize feature will help free disk space.

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