September 5, 2014 / Melissa Faudree


Inspectlet is a web-based analysis application that records visitors’ activity on a web page. Inspectlet allows you to see everything they do, as if you were watching over their shoulder. The recorded sessions focus on each mouse movement, keystroke, scrolling and clicks. With the heat maps, users are able to see what aspect of the website visitors are looking. They also can show where the visitors are clicking and scrolling. Are visitors scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page?

The plans and pricing for Inspectlet varies by the number of recorded sessions and websites. Inspectlet has a free version that allows for 100 recorded sessions for one website. Beginning with the free plan is a good way to start for those testing the application.

  • Micro: $39/month with 1 website
  • Startup: $79/month with 3 websites
  • Growth: is $149/month with 10 websites
  • Accelerate: is $299/month with 20 websites

If these plans do not fit your needs, Inspectlet also offers a custom plan for users. Inspectlet can function on many types of websites but in the rare case that Inspectlet cannot work, they offer refunds. The application allows users to cancel or upgrade their account at any time.

To learn more about Inspectlet, please visit their website.

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