July 28, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

InVision is a tool for web designers to use as a prototype for creating websites. This prototype platform is a great tool to display projects to clients because it allows them to test the usability and view the website in a mock-up version.


  • Interactive web/mobile prototypes
  • Better communication and feedback
  • Manage projects
  • Version history

With InVision users are able to create an interactive prototype by utilizing hotspots. Users can also create gestures and animations for their prototype. InVision allows users to share their prototypes. They can share using a web browser, mobile, or use LiveShare. LiveShares allow for a live view of the prototype to clients or anyone on the project. InVision allows users to upload JGP, GIF, PNG and PDF files using a drag and drop function. The platform allows users to preview the design and also view how the design would look on different size screens or devices.

Designers always need feedback on their designs. However, sometimes feedback can be difficult to understand especially if it’s written in a lengthy email. InVision offers a simple and organized way to display feedback on the prototype or design. Clients can leave comments directly on the design. The conversations can also be organized in a thread which can be attached to a certain aspect on the design. InVision can incorporate a password for clients or any member on the project which will require them to enter prior to writing comments on the design.

InVision has a way for users to keep their projects organized, collaborate with team members and also stay on task. Users are able to stay current on a project by using the project activity tab. InVision offers a To-Do list so users know what needs to be completed next.

InVision allows users to check their activity and history. InVision has an overview tab where users can view their entire history on any project. This includes things such as comments, files uploaded, who viewed the project and more.

Pricing for InVision is fairly reasonable. If you are interested in testing InVision or have one project, the service is free. However, if you are a business professional, InVision offers a professional membership that is $22 per month with unlimited projects.


InVision has a lot of features and is a great tool to prototype a design for clients. If you are interested in learning more about InVision, check out their website here.