September 24, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

With the rising cost of cell phone data these days, the goal is to try to find WiFi whenever possible. However, WiFi may not always available or it might not be very reliable. Karma Go is an Internet provider that believes in a “pay as you go” service. Karma is a device that offers WiFi anywhere you go. Use as much data as you wish at only one gigabyte for $14. The device can be connected on up to eight devices at a time. The data never expires and does not require any contract. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Karma Go gives customers 100GB of data to start off. The device does not require any cords to use. It runs on a rechargeable battery with up to 6-8 hours of usage. It recharges using a Micro USB which can take about three hours to fully charge. The device is fairly compact at 2.6” wide, 2.6” high and 0.5” deep. It’s also lightweight at only 2.1oz. Small and light enough to fit in your laptop bag or purse. It is important to note that Karma uses the Sprint 4G network. You can check the coverage in your area here.

Make Karma a hotspot! Karma Go has a range of over 100 feet. Karma gives customers free data whenever they share their WiFi with others. The referral program is easy to use. Karma provides customers with a URL where they can share however they like. You can share it through social media, email, or in person. When someone uses the link and both parties receive $10 in credits.

Currently customers can pre-order Karma for $149. However for 29 more days, you can pre-order the device for $99. That’s $50 off the retail price. The device plans to ship to customers in December 2014.

Does Karma Go sound like something you would purchase?

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