February 14, 2014 / Kevin Bultemeier

We recently had the pleasure of assisting a new company launch of a new E-commerce website. Our team also developed a long term online marketing strategy that includes, content, social, and links. Below is a more information about the company.


TENSSOURCE, LLC is a Tampa, Florida-based online wholesaler of medical supplies, including durable medical equipment such as TENS units, and other electrotherapy devices and supplies, as well as orthopedic bracing, physical therapy products, and more. Their website tensunitsource.com offers discount medical products and supplies to physicians, resellers, and directly to consumers. Since entering the online wholesale medical equipment market in The Fall of 2013, TENSSOURCE has grown its market share through their effort to offer their medical products at the lowest prices on the Internet and to provide reliable service. This year TENSSOURCE will look to continue that growth through the introduction and offering of medical product lines both innovative and of the highest quality.



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