December 11, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

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How many times have you lost data while filling out an online form? Whether your browser crashed, your cat stepped on your keyboard, or you accidentally closed your browser window, losing your form information can be extremely frustrating. Plus it takes up more of your time when you have to type in everything all over again. But what if there was a way to recover your information for online forms? This is where Lazarus comes in.

Lazarus is a free browser extension intended to recover your lost forms. The extension will autosave all your data from your web forms. Lazarus makes it easy to recover your forms. No more blank forms! No more frustration! No more wasted time on re-entering data!

How does it work?
First you must install the extension into your browser. Lazarus is available to download for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Once installed, navigate back to any of your lost forms. A small Lazarus icon will appear either in the text box or outside the text box. Some forms may require you to click in the text box first. The icon will give you the option to view your history of previous forms. You must select the version you would like restored. With the click of a button all your information reappears on your form. Sounds easy and free of frustration.

form recover example

Lazarus may not be supported on every website. There are so many websites on the Internet that Lazarus cannot keep up with every kind of form. If for some reason Lazarus does not work on a particular site, contact their support team. It is important to know that the extension does not support Java or Flash based forms, only HTML5.

The data from your forms are all stored locally on your computer. However, for more security, you are able to encrypt your forms and require a password to recover any data. This is highly recommended by the Lazarus team. This is so no one else has access to your forms but you. Lazarus Sync is another option the extension offers. This feature allows you to save (automatically) between two or more browsers. All syncing is encrypted between Lazarus’ servers.

Within the extension options, you are able to enter sites you would like to disable. There does not appear to be a limit with the number of sites you would like disabled. Also, all forms will be kept for no more than 14 days.

Lazarus Options

To try Lazarus yourself, click below to download the extension on the browser of your choice.  We would love to know what you think about Lazarus. Feel free to leave us a comment!

Chrome Extension

Safari Extension

Firefox Add-on


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