September 8, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Limitlesslane is a free password manager that securely stores all your account information and passwords in one place. Limitlesslane is encrypted so that even the company cannot access your passwords. The purpose is so users never have to remember multiple passwords or login manually.


Setting up an account with Limitless is fast and easy. Users must provide an email address and create a master password. Once an account has been created, they warn you that if you forget your master password, it cannot be recovered. The account will be reset. Users have two ways to access their accounts, by logging into their Limitlesslane website or using the browser extension. Limitlesslane recommends that users utilize the browser extension for easy access to accounts. When adding accounts/websites, Limitlesslane allows users to manually enter accounts or search from the list. Limitlesslane has quite the selection of websites to search from. Limitlesslane will rate the passwords with each account in order to help create secure and strong passwords.

Limitlesslane allows up to 10 accounts for those using the free version. When users initially sign up the account, they are using the test version. In order to get unlimited accounts for storing passwords, the price is $15 for three months. For six months Limitlesslane is $30, $60 for one year, and $120 for two years. Limitlesslane also has a referral program. If you give a referral, you will receive $10 for yourself and $5 for the person you referred.

After some review, I found Limitlesslane to be fairly easy to setup and use. I also added the Google Chrome extension, which definitely makes things faster. What password managers do you use, if any? Do you trust them? How do you remember all your passwords?