November 10, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Do you use web design programs to create your email designs for clients? We all know that email and web design are different beasts. Perhaps you should consider using a program that was created specifically for email design.

Litmus Builder is a web-based application and code builder specifically for email design and development. Litmus was designed for those with coding experience. So if you don’t have any prior knowledge, Litmus might not be the best application for you. The program was designed to help create, test and share emails.

Litmus Builder Features:

  • Test emails in one click
  • Grid view for easily editing and navigating your HTML code
  • Responsive view for all environments
  • Create a custom email template or use one from the Litmus library
  • Create and reuse HTML code snippets for the future
  • Timeline of all the email changes from different users (can even restore older versions)
  • Public sharing and can also embed code anywhere on your site

Pricing & Plans
Litmus offers a free 7-day trial for users. Users have the option to cancel their account at any time with no added fee. They may also upgrade or downgrade. There are three different plans users can select. However, if users need more with their plan, Litmus can accommodate. Users have the option to either pay monthly or annually. All three plans include these features: email previews, builder, page testing, interactive testing, and allow at least two users with the account.

  • Basic: $79/per month
  • Plus: $149/ per month
  • Premium: $399/per month

The free 7-day trial should help those designers and developers decide whether Litmus is the right tool for them to create and test emails. Admittedly, the plans are a little high but if your budget allows, this could really help your sales and marketing.

What do you use to design and test your emails?