October 27, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Halloween is quickly approaching, with only four more days to go. It is favorite holiday for many children and adults. People dress up and pretend to be someone they are not for a night. It is a time to have fun. Children go trick-or-treating, people host costume parties, carve pumpkins, and eat enough candy and sweets to make you hyper for weeks.

How can your business use the holiday to market? You might be thinking my business has nothing to do with Halloween. It isn’t scary and has nothing to do with costumes. However, there are always ways to market. Here are some marketing tips your company can use for the holiday.


1. Trick-or-Treat?
Treat, of course! Everyone likes free stuff. Why not use the holiday to offer free products with purchase? You can also offer specials or discounts during the holiday week. If you can’t give freebies or offer discounts to your customers, try another route. You can always share (either using email, social media or both) a logo, GIF, video, or another type of digital treat wishing customers a Happy Halloween or simply thanking them for their loyalty. Don’t forget to mention that they can share with their friends. In fact, encourage your customers to share the free digital treat.

2. Tell a Tale
Many readers like to hear personal stories. Stories are a way to connect on a personal level. Halloween is the perfect time to tell a scary or eerie story in your blog. Perhaps you don’t have a story that happened to you. You can involve your audience by having them tell a horror story. Then you can feature one of your audience’s stories in your blog. You can also use social media to engage your audience with your stories.

3. Host a Contest
Contests are a great way to involve your audience. Remember that your business isn’t about you; it is about them…the customers! Engagement brings people together. Hosting a contest can help bring awareness to your brand and increase traffic to your website.

What kinds of contests can you host? Ask your customers to send a picture of a Halloween costume based off your brand and the best one wins a service of some kind. Or maybe have your customers crave pumpkins that relates to your brand. You can also have your customers create a video. There are many creative contests you can host for your company. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Have fun!

4. Lists, lists, lists
Lists are an easy way to promote tips, advice and favorites. Many readers don’t like to read bulky paragraphs. Lists make it not only easy to read the important information but also isn’t time consuming. Make your list related to Halloween or fall. Just like this blog!

5. Surveys & Quizzes
Surveys and quizzes can be sent out to customers to help increase sales. To make use of the holiday, design a Halloween theme with your surveys or quizzes. Quizzes don’t have to be very serious; find ways to make it creative and fun while using your company’s brand. You can quiz customers about the history of Halloween.

6. Monster Mash Celebration
Customers like to see behind the scenes. Showing customers you know how to have fun helps reveal personality. Post a picture on social media of your company celebrating Halloween. Does your company dress up? Perhaps your company doesn’t have the ability to dress up for the holiday. There are other ways to celebrate the holiday. Does someone bring in candy and other sweets? Share the celebration with your customers.


Halloween gives marketers a chance to be creative while having fun. Don’t worry, just because the holiday is a few days away, doesn’t mean you can’t try any one of these tricks. There is still time!

What does your company do for Halloween?