March 18, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Are you familiar with marketing automation? Marketing automation is the idea that a software platform can help save your business time and effort with your marketing strategies. With marketing automation software you can nurture leads that will eventually generate paying customers for your business. Automation platforms allow you to easily automate repetitive or complex tasks such as email campaigns or lead capture forms. There are many marketing automation platforms available but a new one has hit the market with some great benefits. Introducing….Mautic.

Mautic logo

The Founding

David Hurley is a man that wears many hats. He is a coder, open source advocate, community manager at Joomla, husband, father, and now the founder of Mautic. Hurley founded Mautic in July of 2014. The idea around Mautic was to create a powerful marketing automation tool that would be available to everyone. Hurley noticed years ago that many of the marketing solutions available to businesses were closed sources or had high costs. The team at Mautic truly believes in equality. They believe that every business (of all sizes) should have automation software available to them, which will help them understand their audience better and also grow their business.

So what exactly is Mautic?

Mautic is the first open source marketing automation platform that is available to everyone for free.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term open source, it refers to the concept of code that can be used for free and modified by anyone because it is accessible to the public. For those coders, Mautic was built using Symfony framework. You are able to download and install Mautic using your own servers. Utilizing your own servers for programs such as Mautic really helps with data privacy and security. However, if you don’t have your own server, Mautic offers a hosted version at no cost, so you don’t have to worry about downloading or installing any software. You can create an account on It only takes a few minutes to setup an account.

Dashboard for Mautic’s hosted version

Features of Mautic

Mautic’s marketing automation software helps with lead nurturing, lead generation, tracking, social monitoring, email and marketing campaigns, landing pages, point systems, dripflow program, and much more. We will focus on some of the main features of Mautic.

Monitoring is one of they key features for automation software because it allows you to watch and track visitors on our website and other places on the web. Lead specific information allows you to create custom fields to track any information on your leads. Points are a system that gives weight to leads. You can think of weight as how you rank the interest from your leads. Campaigns are the workflow used to nurture leads. Emails are part of campaign and workflows. With Mautic you can use a mail service of your choice. Forms allow you to capture information on your visitors or potential leads so they are no longer anonymous (no longer just an IP address). Landing pages give potential leads value after you ask them to perform an action such as filling out a form. Your landing page can exist on your CMS to ensure trust with your visitors. Assets are resources you supply to your visitors on your site. Mautic will track detailed statistics on each asset. Reports allow you to evaluate what is working or not working.

Mautic interface

5 quick steps to get started on Mautic:

  • Add tracking code: You can add a transparent code to either your website or plugin. The tracking code will collect data from anyone that visits your site. You are fully in control of the storage and information of the data.
  • Collect lead information: We want to convert unknown visitors (only have an IP address) into known visitors (with a name and email). With Mautic you can create a landing page with a form to collect information on visitors.
  • Nurture leads: Specific weighted leads. These are those leads that are ready to buy or invest. Nurtured leads happen in campaigns and through contact. This is where you can use workflows and assets. So when the leads are ready to make a decision, YOU come to mind.
  • Integrate points: Define the most useful points and rank these potential leads. So you are ready to contact the right lead at the right time.
  • Define outcomes and goals: Create an ideal outcome for a nurtured lead. One example is moving a lead from Mautic to your CRM.

Mautic is flexible and affordable. You don’t have to accommodate to another platform or environment for how your business should function. You can customize Mautic to fit your business needs and workflow. You can even build and expand your capabilities with Mautic. This software gives the user full control. The team at Mautic wanted it to be easy and user-friendly so you can dive right into using the software without any tutorials. Mautic can also be used offline, in a real-life setting. The software can be used in other aspects other than sales or marketing. It can be used in any field such as education or politics. Mautic saves businesses time while also improving marketing activities that can help organizations grow.

Does your business utilize marketing automation software? If so, what software?

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