December 12, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

It can take hours to come up with a good product or project name. And it can take even longer to come up with a creative name for your business. Often, we research and brainstorm ideas with related words or phrases for our topic. However, sometimes this is not enough to get the creative juices flowing. What else can you do? There are many name generators available online that can help. Each website has their own pros and cons. I came across one a couple weeks ago that was featured on Product Hunt’s website. I thought Naminum was a generator worth sharing.

At first glance Naminum may appear like other generators but it is not your ordinary name generator. You first need to enter a word or two into the search to get going. The great thing about Naminum is that it has some advanced options to get more ideas with your results. After you have typed in a word to the search, your original word along with the original word spelled backwards will appear. Your results will be listed below your original word.

By default your results are placed under the “append” tab. From here you can organize and select whether you would like results sorted by 1-2 letters, 3 letters or 4 letters. You may also optimize vowels. You have the option to use letter manipulations under the “replace” tab. These results are all randomized. The replace tab allows you to view your results in vowels or consonants. The “prepend” tab can also be sorted by 1-2 letters, 3 letters, and 4 letters with vowels optimized.

Don’t feel like typing a word into the search? Naminum gives you the option to view a huge list of random names. You can view results with 3 letters all the way up to 7 letters. There is also the option for abstract variations.

Each generated result allows you to view whether it is available as a domain name. They even give you websites where the domains are available to purchase. Additionally, you can favorite a specific result and even search using that new word.

Domain Name Example

Naminum makes it easy to organize your results and also manipulate the letters to get better ideas. I think they’ve done a nice job but would like to see some added features to their website. I think they could add a section for finding different synonyms and perhaps including a thesaurus. They could also consider adding more languages for more support.

Overall, I was impressed with the advanced options and layout of Naminum. What name generator do you use?

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