July 24, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

What if you could wave your hand and your lights turned on in your room without flipping a switch? Nod is a small device that is worn on your index finger that allows users to make gestures into commands. Nod uses sensor technology and algorithms to allow gestures that can interact with smart devices and applications. While wearing Nod, users can utilize many commands. Nod has a built in library of gestures for certain commands but the device also allows users to customize gestures. You can not only turn on or off lights by waving a hand, but you can motion by rotating your hands in a clockwise motion to adjust the thermostat. Perhaps you have a work presentation, you are able to change slides using Nod. Looking for your favorite TV show? Nod allows you to enter the show and select episodes to watch. If you are playing a video game, Nod can act as your controller and you can even wear more than one Nod at the same time.

Nod works with a variety of smart devices such as Philips Hue Lights, Nest Thermostat, Google Earth, PC gaming, LG Smart TVs, Google Glass, iOS, Android and many others. The developers are working on expanding the list of applications that Nod can connect with. Nod has over 12 different ring sizes. Users can order small, medium, large and extra large with sizes in-between each. If you order the wrong size, they will ship a new size, completely free of charge. Nod is available by pre-order for $149 per ring and is expected to ship this fall. Currently Nod is unavailable internationally by pre-order but the developers are working on an approval.

Nod is designed to be worn all day with a battery that lasts an entire day of active use. The charging station is a small box that can either connect to an outlet or by a USB cable. Nod is waterproof and therefore allows you to wash your hands while still wearing the device. Nod waterproof up to 169 feet.

Would you pay $150 for Nod to be apart of your daily life interactions? If you want to learn more, check out their website here for additional information.

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