October 2, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Nathan Powell and Michael Koper just launched at the end of September an online proposal platform for business and creative professionals called Nusii. The goal of Nusii is to create fast and professional proposals that will eventually allow more time spent with clients.

First off, what is a proposal? Merriam-Webster defines proposal as, “something (such as a plan or suggestion) that is presented to a person or group of people to consider.” The purpose of a proposal is to explain services for a project while giving a quote for a company’s service. The proposal should be about the client and how your services can offer solutions to their problem.

Nusii was built off of the Sketch interface. So if you are Sketch user, you will be quite familiar with the layout of Nusii. The platform has a lot of features for users. Nusii has an easy to use editor aka WYSISYG editor. Users can create proposals with ease by dragging and dropping within the editor. Nusii offers a variety of templates for their customers. Users can even reuse templates from old proposals. The editor allows users to send proposals directly within Nusii. Additionally, users can view proposals and generate PDFs within the platform. It is important to incorporate branding in your proposal. Nusii users are able to add things such as their logo or colors to keep consistent branding.

Nusii, editor

Nusii offers a free 15-day trial. They also have a 45-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, users are able to cancel their account at any time. Users pay for their membership on a month-to-month basis so they are not binded to a contract. Each plan includes an unlimited amount of templates for users. All features on every plan vary based on proposals per month, number of clients, online storage space, number of users, support, and domains. If any of the set plans do not fit your needs, users are able to contact Nusii for a customized option plan. Below are the three plans Nusii offers their customers.

  • Freelance Plan – $19/month and allows for 5 proposals per month
  • Studio Plan – $49/month and allows 15 proposals per month
  • Agency Plan – $125/month and has an unlimited amount of proposals each month

Nusii has some great features with its easy to use editor intended for creating proposals to clients. Use Nusii to get back your billable time. How do you create proposals? If you could use a platform such as Nusii that saved you time, would you spend the money?

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