February 17, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Are you a life learner? Are you interested in programming but have no idea where to start? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should consider looking at One Month. One Month is an online education platform that offers technology courses for those with little to no experience.

The Founders

Chris Castiglione and Mattan Griffel founded One Month in June 2013. Prior to One Month, Castiglione was an educator at General Assembly teaching a course entitled, “Programming for Non-Programmers.” It soon became the number 1 best-selling code courses. This is where Castiglione met Griffel, who was also a teacher at the General Assembly. The two wanted to evolve online education. They wanted to create something that made education approachable for those life learners. After Griffel applied to Y Combinator, a startup seed funding company, One Month was born.


Course Information

How long are the courses? Yup, you guessed it. All classes are 30 days. Classes are broken down into about 15 minutes a day. One Month gives you unlimited support throughout your course. So if you have any questions or get stuck, someone is always there to help. The classes at One Month are casual and personable, as if you were hanging out with your friends at a bar.

Every course comes with tutorial videos, instructions and tools, certificate of completion, updates to curriculum, and access for support. One Month offers two types of enrollment options for customers: self-paced or with a mentor. Prices for courses range as low as $99 (as a self-paced option) to $499 (with a mentor). However, each course has a different price for an individual pace and with a mentor.

The platform provides a library of coding and other technology skilled courses. They offer courses in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, iOS, programming, content marketing, growth hacking, payment processing, web security, Python, UX, MVP, and Ruby on Rails. As One Month continues to grow and expand, more courses will be added.

For any courses that are unavailable you may be placed on a waiting list as long as you provide your email address. In the mean time, One Month provides you with resources in their learning library. Currently, their library is small but will hopefully grow as they continue to expand their business. Many of the topics include information and exercises as you begin to learn new concepts.

So if you are looking for courses in technology that offer a different approach to learning with only 30 days needed to devote your time, One Month could be a great program to try. In the short amount of time, One Month’s online education program can help take positive steps to change your life. Their goal is about motivation. They hope you complete their courses in order to gain the skills you want.

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