July 7, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

OnExtraPixel is an online magazine for web designers and web developers. The website is a great tool and resource. They offer a variety of resources for users such as tutorials, freebies, code plugins, a photo gallery, additional resources such as IU elements, and even a store to sell your digital products.

One thing I really like the freebies on OnExtraPixel. Because who doesn’t love free stuff? Users are able to select the freebie of their choice. In order to receive the freebie, users must type in their email address. An email will be sent along with the download link. If you are already subscribed, the download will begin immediately.

What I found unique about OnExtraPixel is the store feature. This wasn’t exactly what I imagined when I think of a store. This page allows users to sell their digital products such as music, PDFs or software. Users are able to view a demo of how a product might appear on a front page or for the admin. There is a one-time fee of $59.00 to use the store function.

Demo product



Users are able to contribute to OnExtraPixel by submitting their own site, code or even resource. However, users must pay a small $12 fee to have their work displayed on the gallery page. Also, OnExtraPixel will select someone’s work to appear on their newsletter. Submitting your site, code or another resource, allows for more exposure. However, not all works are accepted and must be approved based on the guidelines of OnExtraPixel. In the case that the work is not approved, a refund is given.

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