September 15, 2014 / Melissa Faudree


Lychee is a free open-source photo management tool that runs on your web server. If you are interested in self-hosting your photos, Lychee is easy to manage. In order to get started, simply download and install Lychee on your server or web space. Then you can begin to upload and share photos on your web server securely.

The design and interface is simple and allows the photographs to become the main focus. Lychee does not have a storage limit. The images do not need to be compressed therefore, keeping all photos in their original form. Lychee supports all file formats, even EXIF and IPTC. Users can upload photos using Dropbox or with a URL. Lychee is responsive and functions on all devices. Lychee also offers a few plugins and extensions such as Jekyll, creating an RSS-feed, and adding a second watermark to photos.

The developers are always trying to improve Lychee. In the latest update on September 12th, users are now able to select all albums or photos using command keys. Lychee can detect when there are duplicate images and will only store one.

Lychee allows users to view a live demo prior to downloading. Want to try the demo? Click here. Lychee also has instructions for installation available on Git.

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