August 13, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Optimizely is an online service that allows users to create and run A/B tests on their websites. Optimizely uses a WYSIWYG editor to make changes (variations) on a site and then test how effective those changes are with the original. Any different version from the original is known as a variation. Below are some steps Optimizely customers should follow when creating an A/B test for their website.

Create a variation (aka create a new experiment)
Users are able to create changes to their website in a visual editor. They also have the option to change makes in a code editor. The visual editor can do many things such as changing the font or color, replacing an image, move or remove elements, and much more.

URL Targeting
Users must select where the experiment will run in order for the experiment to display for visitors. URL Targeting allows users to specify the URL for the page(s) where the experiment will run.

Users need to decide which visitors are included in the experiment. These are based on certain conditions. There are several conditions that are available to all Optimizely membership plans: browser or device, cookie, custom event, custom JavaScript, custom tags, language, new/returning visitors, query parameters, and referrer URL.

Traffic Allocation
Users are able to select the how much traffic goes into the experiment. By default, Optimizely will split the experiment in half; however, users can adjust the traffic distribution.

In order to receive results from your experiment, users need to set a conversion goal. Optimizely has three types of goal to select: page views, licks and custom events.

Preview & Measure Results
Optimizely allows users to preview how their experiment will run. The preview will show the variation. Also the preview will allow users to view their variation in different ways. Users can find these under the preview panel. There are four tabs, which include: experiment, segments, events, and viewing as.

Pricing & Conclusion

Pricing for Optimizely can be based on monthly, yearly or two years. They have four membership options: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. For additional information on pricing, please visit Optimizely’s pricing page.

Overall, Optimizely seems like a great tool to utilize for A/B testing. Optimizely also requires little knowledge of code, which is always a plus.

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