September 17, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Do you like to draw? Perhaps you skilled at drawing or maybe you just enjoy doodling. FiftyThree is the company that created the iPad app, Paper. The app is designed for sketching and drawing that enables users to draw with their fingers or with the digital stylus, Pencil. FiftyThree wanted a way for members using the Paper app to share their creative works. This is where Mix was born! Mix was recently built into the Paper app as an open platform that allows digital collaboration. Members can share their work or alter the work of someone else. With Mix, anyone can alter the original creation without permission from the creator.

For those who need inspiration and have a hard time getting started, Mix has provided templates, outlines, and ideas to help get started. Mix has six categories that members can browse:

  • Learn
  • Sketch
  • Play
  • Write
  • Design
  • Think

The Mix is not just accessible for those with an iPad. The public can access Mix for free on their website. Everything is public and available to use. Right now the website does not allow users to make any changes. It is simply a way to browse and view creations. Mix is currently available by invite-only. However, users can sign up to be on the list.

Paper app users: What do you think about Mix?


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