November 18, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

We had all have passwords. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with different passwords for all our accounts. We tend to either recycle and reuse passwords or use ones that are short and simple. How many of your passwords are words or things we recognize? Maybe you are guilty of one such as Password1234. While many of those are easy to remember; they are not the most secure passwords. How can we fix this problem? Password generators can help us create secure passwords. I’ve created a small list of some online password generators.

Pronounceable Password Generator

Tyler Longren created a service that would randomly generate passwords for users. The intent was to have a portion of the produced passwords be pronounceable. Longren hopes that these passwords are easier to remember while also more secure from hackers.

The website allows users to select the password length. The length of passwords can begin at 8 and goes all the way up to 30. The generator also allows users to select the number of passwords needed. They can generate up to 100 passwords if needed. Once you’ve pressed the generate button, a list of passwords will be presented below. It is worth noting that only generates numbers and lower/upper case passwords. No special characters are utilized in this service., Password Generator

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

Norton offers an online password generator for free. The generator allows users to select their password length, which should be between 4 and 32. They can include letters, numbers, special characters (punctuation), mixed case, and the option not include any similar characters. Users can select up to 50 passwords to be generated at a time. After selecting the generate button, users are taken to a page that displays their new password. They have the option to go back to create another password. Users can also reset the fields at any time.


Random Password Generator offers a lot of the same things as other generators. When selecting the password length, it shows users the password strength in terms of weak and strong. This generator considers a password length of 15 or more to be strong. Users have the option to generate a password length up to 128 (with a few random lengths such as 256, 512, 1024 and 2048). The generator offers a little bit more for users by adding an ambiguous character field. (Characters such as “{}[]() ~ <>) One feature that is helpful is once your password has been generated, users are given hints to help remember the new password.


Secure Password Generators



All of previous password generators on this list have been through a website. 1Password is a free app for your iPhone or iPad. 1Password not only generates passwords for users but can also store passwords so you never have to remember any. The app can also store credit cards, identities, and secure notes. All passwords and information are protected with a master password. The app also allows for Touch ID. To download this app, please visit the Apple store.


Do you use a password generator? If so, what one do you use?


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